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Pippo Corvino is a wanderer in music, as he is in life. Born in the former Yugoslavia, he studied classical guitar until, having outgrown the limitations imposed on him by his teachers, he found his way to Graz and studied jazz at the University for Music and Performing Arts. He has lived in Vienna since 2016. 


Corvino’s music is built largely on jazz, rock, and classical music but also embraces influences as diverse as 80s fusion, 90s pop, folk, and country. Over time, he has integrated these elements into a timeless, border-transcending music entirely his own—notably on solo albums like 2018’s Another World. He is also an avid collaborator: his work with bassist Morten Ramsbøl led to the intimate 2016 trio album How Far Is The Moon, with pianist Anıl Bilgen; his ongoing partnership with singer Ángela Tröndle has resulted in the albums Getting Out of the Envelopes (2017) and Distilled (2021). 

His talents as an arranger are showcased on the album Forgotten Tales (2021), with percussionist Balázs Balogh and cellist/vocalist Judit Bonyár, and in his duo with the Bosnian/Viennese singer Nataša Mirković, which both feature his reworkings of Eastern European folk music. He is also an accomplished producer and recording engineer; nearly all of the above-mentioned albums—and his latest release, the solo album In Traverse—were created in his studio, “The BURROW”.

Philip Yaeger

Pippo Corvino
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