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T h e  B U R R O W  S t u d i o


The BURROW Studio is Corvino's working space, where most of his music had been created and recorded. Albums such as "Another World" and "The Parting of the Ways" or collaborating works such as "Getting Out of the Envelopes" and "Come to Light" are only few of many that came out this place.


Place called “the burrow” started existing around 2008 and it used to be a living room. Few years later, it turned itself into a very small and modest atelier that had no commercial purpose. Over the years, it developed itself into a studio for audio recording and postproduction. The BURROW Studio offers music arrangements, orchestrations, vocal and instrumental recording, editing, mixing and mastering services.

“Today, besides playing music on stage, I am more than ever involved in the studio as a recording and mixing engineer. I don’t actually like the word ‘engineer’; it sounds too technical to me—I view sound more as musical art than as a physical phenomenon. I am self-taught in this field too; instead of using books and studying science in order to capture sound like most professional sound engineers, I use a basic knowledge of physics, my ears, and pure intuition. I have always been passionate about recording; I love it as much as I love playing music. I believe that when music is captured in a good and pure way, the record can sound even more exciting than the actual performance. A listener sitting in a concert hall experiences music from only one perspective, but when listening to a good recording captured with many microphones, every microphone becomes an additional ear, and you can experience music from many different perspectives at the same time.” Pippo Corvino


Besides projects including Pippo Corvino as a composer, arranger and player, there are many including him as a music producer as well (see detailed project list and videos).

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